Concrete Formwork

We're known for our high quality concrete work in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. 

We have the skilled crew, the eye for detail and the know–how to translate structural blueprints and architectural renderings into aesthetically pleasing concrete construction projects.

Our architectural and engineered concrete formwork services include:

  • Excavation, layout and elevation
  • Engineering and design
  • Installation and stripping
  • Shoring and scaffolding supply and installation
  • Concrete placing and finishing

Wood Framing

Quality framing that meets BC building code standards, with experience in engineered shear wall frame work and connections. Whether we're building a five storey apartment complex, a community centre, or the home of your dreams, we've got the skills and experience to tackle all your wood framing demands.

Project Management

Athecon can bring your project from conception to completion on time and on budget. We have an excellent track record of ensuring clear communications with owners, consultants, inspectors, and sub trades to ensure an efficient construction process. Let us help you save time and money on your next project.